Welcome to the Bronx Barbell Club

Lifting the Bronx.
We are home to the BXBC Weightlifting Club and La Caja Crossfit. Serving the Bronx since 2014, the Bronx Barbell Club offers functional training methods, personal training, and Olympic Weightlifting. Our dedication to helping you achieve the best version of yourself is second to none. We are a family of athletes and grow stronger inside and outside the gym everyday.

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To train our athletes to achieve levels of fitness and endurance they never thought possible- not only in the gym but also outside the gym.

is to deliver. In order to empower our athletes we must ask ourselves daily:

 Are we constantly evolving our classes and workouts to raise the bar and challenge our athletes to new fitness levels?

 Are our athletes amazed by the changes they feel both physically and personally?

 Does our community of athletes continue to be supportive, welcoming and encouraging of each other?

 Do our workouts remain effective and safe for athletes of all levels?

What separates us from other group fitness facilities is that, instead of telling our athletes what to do and pushing them to do it, we ask them:
What do you want?
Out of these available options, which one would you choose? Why?
What are you willing to do and not do right now?

An integral part of our mission is to understand, observe, and learn about our clients first.
Who are they? What do they need and want? What can they do confidently and well?