Weightlifting Club

The Weightlifting Club is a strength and power development program. We utilize Olympic Weightlifting to increase strength and skill with the barbell. This class is for all levels. Whether you're a competitive weightlifter, a CrossFiter sharpening up your lifts, or a fitness enthusiast looking to increase your strength and power, we can take you there. Weightlifting classes will run within a 3 hour time slot. During this time you will work on the two main competition lifts, the Clean & Jerk, and the Snatch, as well as all accessory lifts. Sessions are lead by a USAW certified coach. All athletes will follow an individualized program based on his or her needs, which is recommended by the coach according to their goals. The coach running the session will provide cues and guide athletes through their training, making sure the lifts are executed properly. Its a fun, supportive, and inspiring environment.
Join our lifting team and find the strongest version of yourself using internationally recognized methods.
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Athlete Ricardo and Coach Adam Arenas with first place

Coach Adam Castillo demonstrating the snatch

Coach Sam Perez demonstrating the jerk 3
We Offer Customized weightlifting Programs on a case by case basis. Check out the "Sign up" link for more info!